I've had eardrops stuck in my ear for 4 days?

The eardrop that is stuck is called ring relief. It's kinda greasy, not thick, and it's for tinnitus relief. It feels like it's stuck behind my eardrum. I've tried alchohol drops, peroxide, blow dryer, holding my nose and blowing, jumping up and down, and even stuff they prescribed to my mom for water in her ear. There's absolutely no more ear wax that I can get out, so I don't think it's blockage. It pops a little when I put my finger in my ear, but to no avail. I want to use the doctor as a last resort because I don't have insurance currently. All i can hear is the awful ringing in my ear now since there's eardrops blocking it. Thank you!

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  • 8 months ago

    The only home remedies I can think of, beyond what you've already tried:

    – Buy a little bulb syringe kit at the drugstore, and rinse your ear canal gently with water at body temperature or a very few degrees warmer.

    – Sleep with your sore ear downward (on the pillow).

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