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Jeremy Corbyn is a joke how could anyone vote for him?

He just seems out of touch overall and too left wing to be taken seriously. 

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  • Clive
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    8 months ago
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    That is obvious to anyone with half a brain, but there are still plenty who don't understand that promising the world while having no idea on how to pay for it just isn't sensible.

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  • Jas B
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    8 months ago

    Since when is wanting to build affordable public housing and making private landlords have to provide housing which is "fit for human habitation" a joke? 

    There are 5 million Brits on council housing lists.  When the Labour Party proposed an amendment to a housing bill which would make it a law that private landlords had to provide housing which “was fit for human habitation” the Tories voted it down.  Look it up if you doubt it. 


    When is properly funding the NHS so that all British people can get the health care,  they need a joke?  Our NHS is in crisis, waiting lists have gone through the roof, while care is failing, due to putting out NHS services to private companies. 

    When is reversing this government action in reducing our front-line police officers by 22.0000, getting rid of thousands of support staff and shutting down 100's of police stations, a joke? 

    My son is a police officer, I would like you to tell him how funny it is when he finds himself on a Saturday night as just one of eight front-line response officers, responsible for a city centre and two estates, around 1.5 million people on a shift. 

    Try to make him laugh when he has spent a whole afternoon stopping three people who are threatening and attempting suicide, promising to get them mental health care to try to stop them killing themselves, when he knows there is none available, due to the cuts by this government. 

    Try telling him that watching ever more of his fellow officers leaving the force due to these cuts is something to laugh at.

    When is giving people a living wage, a joke.  We live in a country where now millions of people, many of them working who find themselves having to go to food banks in order to feed there family. 

    When is taking the measures we need to reverse climate change a joke?  When is putting massive investment into the research, development and manufacture into leading the world in this field a joke. 

    When is reversing the massive cuts to the education budget the Tories have done a joke?   

    Try telling my granddaughters primary school headteacher, who has lost three teachers, that giving the funding they need to do the best they can is a joke. 

    Try telling the hundreds of thousands of homeless people that giving them a decent place to live is a joke. 

    You may be laughing at these proposals, all those people who have suffered  from the measures the Tories have taken for the last decade are not.

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  • 8 months ago

    People might vote for him because the alternative looks worse.

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