what is the best budget CPU without integrated GPU.?

I am looking forward to make a budget PC and ended up with (deciding) AMD Ryzen 3 2200G . Even though it's low price , i hear it's great because of it's integrated GPU . i wanna get a CPU but without any integrated graphics as i have decided to buy external GPU(AMD Radeon RX 570) and it'll save my money if a CPU is without integrated gpu . so , which one is the best budget CPU  with the Most power without an integrated gpu under ~80$ (the price around AMD Ryzen 3 2200G)?

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    8 months ago

    you...do know you don't have to use the integrated GPU, right?

    and that you can still install an external GPU card afterwards at any time.

    just like how nearly all motherboards have an integrated graphics, but you can disable it, or not install the drivers for it.

    the intefrated GPUs are only used if there are no cards installed to handle that...

    • Johny8 months agoReport

      You do realize i want a CPU without an integrated GPU to cost less as GPU adds up to cost . and i don't want to use money on a GPU i won't use

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  • 8 months ago

    Search with Google or Duckduckgo for that.  Probably will not find one for low price, modern socket pins, decent capability.  But then again, if you just want the lowest price computer build, you are not going to be using it for anything taxing.

    Oops, I lied.  Try this one:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07R7Q3JZH

    For less than $90, an i3 Intel is not too bad.  And better than the Risen 3 2200G!

    • Johny8 months agoReport

      that's not under 90$ . an Intel core i3 9100 costs ~140$ according to your source . and in fact , I have searched google and Duckduckgo(both) . but i always end up with a higher than my budget CPU or CPU with less power on a bigger prize than it should be because of an integrated graphics. 

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