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Sun signs of countries?

Which one of these two websites is the correct one about the Sun signs of each country in the world, the First or the Second website?

First website:

Second website:

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    They might not be giving the same kind of information, and they aren't Sun signs of countries.  The first list is a list of Signs that are associated with nations.  This is not a Sun sign which requires a birth date.  It is the characteristics of signs that are associated with particular nations.  England and Germany are given to Aries, because it is or was thought that these nations exhibited the characteristics of Aries.

    The other list is that of "birth" times and dates of nations so the astrologer can erect a chart for that nation to use in the practice of mundane astrology. the idea is that a nation is "born" at a particular time and that a chart, useful for prediction, can be erected for that nation. This idea has been the 'go-to" position for mundane astrologers since, roughly, the mid 20th century. 

    So the two lists, and they're from the same website, Astrology Weekly, aren't really giving the same information and therefore the "accuracy" question isn't relevant. We can't compare apples and oranges other than to say they are both fruit. "So, is Japan's zodiac sign Libra or Aquarius?"You don't seem to be getting this. The Japanese chart of Feb 11, 1889 has an Aquarius Sun and Gemini rising. I'm not sure where Libra comes from - perhaps a different chart. 

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      So, is Japan's zodiac sign Libra or Aquarius?

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    1) They're both from the same website: Astrology Weekly

    2) The second page you gave from that website lists no source for the various associations

    3) the first one is a list given by a contributor to the site's Forum, also with no source.You'll have to compare them to see if there are any differences, and what they are.My guess is, and it's only a guess, is that the second list is data taken from Nicholas Campion's work: "The Book of World Horoscopes."  Campion compiled charts and timed data for a great number of the world's nations.The near exclusive use of national charts is fairly new - mid 20th century.  One 17th century author when presented with this idea wondered how it is possible to pinpoint the birth of a nation?  He might be right. Still an awful lot of mundane astrologers accept the notion of accurate charts for nations and work with them. And because this is astrology, there is disagreement.  Ptolemy was among the first to assign zodiac signs to nations back in the 2nd century AD, but his reasoning had nothing to do with "birth" times of nations. Some astrologers still use those.  Others use various rationales to use other signs and charts.  England is an Aries nation using Ptolemy's logic.  Of course Ptolemy missed all of North America.  Campion's method was inspired Charles Carter's booklet, "Political Astrology," published about 1950.  Campion and two others wrote an astrology text titled "Mundane Astrology" in 1989 that is considered the modern "Bible" of the subject, but it is increasingly hard to find and expensive when you do find it. 

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    I was just wondering what you won't handle

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