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English grammar?

I don't understand the usage of with in this sentence.

"With every sun comes a new day" 

What does it mean and how to use it? 

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    It's a compound noun. 

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    In very simple words, it the sentence means that each new day begins after the sun rises. Hence, "with every sun", meaning that the sun rises after the night, and "comes a new day", meaning that the day begins. 

    It is just a phrase that writers may use in order to make their sentence sound more fancy, rather than saying "after sunrise, the day begins".

    Hope this helped!

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    this is a reverse sentence structure so the more usual form would be "A new day comes with every sun". The idea is that there is an association, and with is used to indicate that association.  a new day requires the arrival of the sun.  Every arrival of the sun is a new day.  The new day comes with the sun. 

    One could also use other propositions, to indicate cause and effect, or some other relationship, but the choice of with was done to indicate the link between two things rather than some other idea.  with is used to link things together, without giving preference of one over the other in some way.

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      "Was"?  Is he gone?  Did you get another one?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Sun = New Day.

    If there is a sun there is a new day.

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    The sun appears and disappears every day.

    So, every time the sun re-appears, we have a new day.

    With every new sun, a new day comes.

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    Don't worry, once you learn it, you can't be more stupid than the last guy here

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    I can understand why you find the sentence difficult.

    It means with every sunrise a new day begins. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Maybe it refers to space travel, encountering new solar systems?

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