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Should I go to the doctor for this?

Everyday at school I have to use the bathroom badly. My school keeps the bathroom locked at certain times or certain teachers won’t let you use the bathroom. 

I usually have to go 1-2 times in the school day(6 hours.) I know that doesn’t sound like much but it feels urgent every time. When I go to the bathroom my pee is clear but I haven’t drank water all day. I don’t understand why I have to use the bathroom so much when I don’t drink water(1-2 cups)  until I come home from school. 

My breakfast doesn’t include any vegetables or fruits because I’m afraid it will make me use the bathroom due to the water content so I just eat eggs. My school doesn’t give me a lunch period so I don’t eat until I come home. My dinner includes non-starchy vegetables and protein, and healthy fats. 

I think this is a problem because 2 teachers already told me I use the bathroom too much since I ask almost every day. 


The bathrooms are locked before classes.

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    You are looking at this situation like you have some type of medical problem, when the actual problem is the school's policy on bathroom use and teachers that don't let you use the bathroom.   Going to a doctor isn't going to change your bathroom needs, but you might be able to get your doctor to  write a letter or not to the school explaining that you are not being allowed sufficient access to the school bathrooms.  Talk to your parents about this and have your parents talk to the school. The school needs to let people use the restroom as often as they need to use it   There's probably nothing wrong with you.

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    Try eating more solid breakfasts; toast for example, to absorb liquids, so it slows down release.  Twice in 6 hours is not unreasonable; make sure you go before starting class.

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    you don't need too see a doctor

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    Each 6 hours does not sound excessive. But, sudden or urgent does sound like you ought to check with the doctor. Urine should not be totally clear, either. 

    Don't you have breaks at school? I would talk with your doctor and then have your parents contact the school regarding its bathroom policies. Each student is going to be different but a bladder infection could make need to use the bathroom either urgent, sudden, frequent, or painful - but not necessarily all of these.I would be most concerned with the fact that you are changing your eating habits due to this, AND that the school is limiting the student's ability to use the bathroom. Talk with your doctor and your parents.

    Do you have time between classes to use the bathroom? 

    Are you drinking coffee or cola/coke? These can make need to pee sudden in some people. Allergies to some foods can cause more urination.

    BUT: "My school doesn’t give me a lunch period"????? What is wrong with your school?

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