I met this guy through my friend last semester and I honestly can’t tell if he’s being friendly or just teasing me like he would to anyone. I ran into him at a party about two weeks or so ago (we’re both juniors in college btw) and he came up and gave me this huge hug and started making small talk with me (despite the fact that we don’t know each other that well). Our convo got cut off though because we got separated by a crowd of people that started dancing around us on the dancefloor. However, in this convo I told him that we’re in one of the same classes and he got all excited and was asking me where I sit and stuff. He sounded pretty drunk, so I assumed he had forgotten. Well yesterday I noticed him sort of like trying to match my pace while we were packing up to leave class and then I looked up and he was like smiling at me. When we said hi to each other he was like “well I know where you sit now in class” and then he was like “I also see that you don’t participate either.” We kind of laughed it off and I broke off the convo to leave and he seemed idk reluctant to go? IDK now i feel really uncomfortable about the fact that I don't participate in class. If he noticed does that mean other people do too? It's a pretty big class so I assumed I was safe not talking. I hate participating!! 


Sorry, I'm asking about the guy. Why would he notice this? It's making me hella paranoid about participating in class now. 

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  • Linda
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    8 months ago
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    He likes you so if you like him start talking to him more and no need to be paranoid.

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  • 8 months ago

    Guys at times are hard to figure out. That he was pretty drunk is not a good sign that he's a strong guy.

    May I suggest that the first question to ask yourself when considering whether or not to date someone is, “Is this person a strong person?” If they’re not, no matter how much you like them, how much they like you, or how “cute” or “hot” they are, - please don’t date them. A strong person has good character (honesty, integrity, trustworthiness), displays a positive attitude (cheerful, caring, friendly, forgiving, helpful, and respectful), fulfills their responsibilities (for handling people who are pains in a positive way, for always trying to make a good choice, for taking care of themselves, for serving others), gives their best effort, and demonstrates self-control (of their body, anger, mouth and money).

    My suggestion is that you put in the effort necessary to become a strong person (if you’re not already), forget about this guy unless he’s a strong person, and eventually look for this type of guy (otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a broken heart). Unfortunately this type of man is difficult to find – but save yourself the heartache and don’t settle for less.

    (Please remember that you eventually want a 50 or 60 year marriage - not a 5 or 10 year marriage.)

    Hope this helps!

    PS The best way to get to know a strong man without dating is to participate in the activities of a community service or a school organization.

    Source(s): True Love Lasts - written with a character emphasis for teens through young adults, Straight Talk About Dating - written with a Christian emphasis for ages 20 and up
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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Are you asking us about the guy or class participation???

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