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Should I be upset when my partner waited for me to leave to masterbate?

We messed around the night before but HE got tired and we went to bed. Woke up next day for work i notice he left after me. I got home first after work his toy was moved and TV volume was up loud like he was watching porn. He knows this bothers me and that I will never turn him down for play but did it anyway on purpose after I left. He doesnt think it's not a big deal and  thinks it's weird I was upset about this and got really mad at me bc I keep getting upset about it. I just think if I'm available for him why masterbate? Am I wrong? We are both guys if this makes a difference. 

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    I am in a straight relationship but talking to my boyfriend he explained some days he's too tired or just bored to really initiate a passionate time with me. He'd rather spend 2 minutes jerking it and nap than have forced tired sex. We usually do a minimum of 20 minutes and really get into it so I totally understand that he doesn't want to just turn into the couple that does it in 3 minutes and turns over. Now he just says hey I'm too tired. If I'm not tired I'll just give him a BJ, but the honesty now helps so I'm not thinking I'm ugly, terrible in bed or smelly or something lol

    We still manage to have sex 4-6 times a week. But when he was stressed and busy it was 2 - 3 times which is when I was hurt and we had this conversation.

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    Sex with another person involves putting effort into their pleasure and sometimes people just want to be selfish about it. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you. Just means he wanted a quick release without worrying about taking the time and energy to get you off too. This really isn't a big deal (unless you turn it into one and risk for relationship over it).

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    Its probably not you. Guys just need a time alone to dream about banging someone else (in his dreams) to keep his libido up. Then when you are together he can really give it to you.

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