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Can I use my debit card internationally?

I plan on flying to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in about 39 days. I am hoping I can instead use my card more for transactions instead of exchanging all dollar bills I have for Canadian currency at the airport. The thing is I have never flown internationally and I honestly don't know if I would be able to use my debit card. I don't plan on making any withdraws or deposits so I am not really concerned about finding branches or ATMs, I am more concerned about actually *using* the card. Logically, in my mind, I would be able to, but I'm doubting it for whatever reason.

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    To remove any doubt, contact the bank that issued the card. If it is not able to be used they will tell you. If it is able to be used many banks still require you to notify them of international travel as they try to avoid fraud, so they may disable your card (although not typically going to Canada assuming you are from the US)

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    In about 39 days?

    Calgary shops and businesses take many cards and may even take YOURS.

    No shop is required to take every card available on the planet.

    YOU DO NOT need to exchange ALL your cash at the Airport.

    You should have about $100-$200 Canadian cash for your first few hours for the many little things to get you on your way from the Airport to your sleeping place.

    Cab fare, bus fare, a soda . Use the card for the bigger purchases like your room charges. Or take cash from an ATM associated with your banking group.

    YOUR BANK can explain which Canadian banks are in your group.

    Look on the back of your card for the symbols associated with YOUR card. There are TWO major ones. Master card group (Cirrus) or Visa card group  (Plus). Bank ATMS are clearly labelled as to which group they belong.

    MOST establishments require your card to have a computer chip in it. Newer cards have it.

    Enjoy your visit. No guarantees what the weather will be like for Christmas season.

    Many indoor things to do.

    Spruce Meadows light display is over a mile of decorated trees.

    Warning there can be many extra fees when you use private ATMS. The fees range from $0.00 to about $10.00 per transaction.

    BANKS and currency exchange places give the best rates. Other businesses might accept your FOREIGN currency. They can give any exchange rate they want.

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    It depends on what bank it is on. Most major banks yes. Call them at the number on the back. They will let you know. Also they need know what days you will be there. You can also go on line & do it. Or I can with mine. Both debit & credit cards. 1 is open international were ever I am. The other I need go on line & let them know were I will be going. 

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    It's almost 99% certain that you'll be able to use your card, but why on earth don't you just phone your bank and check with them?

    At the same time you can make sure they understand you're travelling to Canada, and how long you expect to be there.

    That way, when they see it's being used there, they'll know it's you and won't block it, as they often do if they haven't been notified in advance. 

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    With an international debit card, customers can go to a bank, credit union, or ATM and withdraw cash when needed, or make purchases at POS. International debit cards are supported by Visa or MasterCard, giving them recognition in foreign countries around the world.

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    Generally, yes.

    Check with your bank / let them know in advance (some block foreign spending if you don't tell them)

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    Of course you can. I've used mine all over the world. There are always ATMs. Don't exchange currency- it costs more. There will be an ATM at the airport when you land. 

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    yes, you can and ive done it, i went to uruguay this aug with siblings, i was born there and went to see relatives, you need to let your bank know youre doing that so if they see you use the card from there they'll know its you and not someone stealing your card, i told my bank before i left and never had an issue

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    If your debit card says Visa or Mastercard, and most of them do nowadays, then you're fine.  It will have 16 numbers.  If the card is simply a debit card issued by your bank it will have 17 or more numbers and is totally useless for international travel.

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