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Why do women say they’re better because they give birth?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a girl who understands that the fact that women give birth is important but women seem to forget that they can’t give birth if not for men. Sure we can get ivf and stuff like that but if there were no men before stuff like that existed then humans would be extinct. I don’t think either gender is better than the other but i just wanna know why women think they are better than men

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Everyone wants to feel great about themselves. That's the way the world works.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Jacking off into a cup is completely different from your body creating and incubating the next generation. It's not equal, it's not the same. Women give birth and men ejaculate.

  • rick
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    11 months ago

    I can't give women any points for allowing a fetus to pass through a passage designed for that purpose. If they would support the fetus, without our help for the next 20 years, and do so voluntarily, as opposed to a socially recognized responsibility, THEN they might be worthy of some recognition.

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  • Foofa
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    11 months ago

    Turns out IVF also involves sperm, so it's not something one can do without male genetic material. But clearly anyone who claims gender supremacy for either sex is just being stupid. We were created to work together and neither gender could perpetuate the species without the other.

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    "Why do women say they’re better because they give birth?"

    I guess because technically, women play the primary role in giving birth, and men are secondary.  I don't think anybody really has a problem with this.

    But then .... men play the primary role in the outside world regarding inventing things, creating technology and art and civilization where women play a secondary role there.

    But now how many women have their hair standing on end??

    Feminism has trained us to see the last sentence I wrote as "sexist" and they do their best to deny this reality, right to the point of shaming anyone who thinks along those lines.

    For all of history, everyone knew their natural order.  And we worked together as men and women in a complimentary arrangement where each provided what they did best to advance our civilization.

    Today, feminists insist that only women are responsible for birth, whereas fathers are an dispensable construct.  But then they adamantly maintain that women are fully equal to men in creations of the outside world ...of which many are completely foreign to women, and natural to men.

    Feminism does none of us any favours here.  They first deny reality and nature.  Then they divide us along gender lines.


  • Q
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    11 months ago

    People who like to believe they are better than other people usually have some low self-esteem issues.  Occasionally they have very high - but FRAGILE - self-esteem and just have a personality disorder or have bought into some narrative that something about them makes them better (their color, gender, class, religion, IQ, etc.).  This is of course wrong.  They aren't better.  Which is why the high self-esteem fluctuates with low self-esteem and they feel the need to assert their superiority.  

    Just my impression.

    DCMD expands on this low self-esteem thing and is correct.  It does come from hurt feelings and it is a distraction from the people and structures that actually oppress people: the rich, who happen to usually be male and white.  Rich white men don't actually give a **** about other non-rich white men, but they like to use them as free prison labor less and they love telling poor white men that the reason they haven't had the success they imagined is because of black people and immigrants and those women who just complain all the time about nonsense.   

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  • Bill
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    Considering how many lives IVF clinics kill just in their normal operations it's debatable if they should even be legal. It's also not much of an argument to say women are superior because they can use a human invention to get pregnant that kills massive amounts of life. 

    It's just odd in general to use a human invention to say the other sex has no purpose or that somehow your sex is better. So what, a lab replaces men and yet somehow that makes women superior? No, it makes them dependent on a lab, which is hardly better in any sort of way whatsoever. It just makes women sound kind of dumb when they suggest that a species of women and a lab is somehow a superior model. lol

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    It's just hurt bigoted fools arguing with other bigoted fools and trying to come up with a snappy remark.

    If you consider their "arguments," you're wasting your time. The CONTENT of these things NEVER matters. It's ALWAYS the CONTEXT that matters, them thinking they're in the middle of a fake "gender war."

    Same as the womanbashers who post here. All either gang of gender bigots is doing is fumbling for shlt to throw at the "other" side, it's not ABOUT actual arguments.

    Any REAL argument would have to start with a national health plan, and decrying the fact that they don't have the psychiatric help they so badly need.

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