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Why are daddy long legs so hard to kill?

My friend found a daddy long legs and sprayed it with bug spray but when we came back it uncurled itself and started walking so we sprayed it again and again about 4 times before i just picked it up and put it outside. Why are they harder to kill than other bugs?

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    3 invertebrates are called daddy longlegs, 2 of them are arachnids and they have book lungs on their underside for breathing. Unless you drown them in the spray, they are a bit tolerant of it. About any chemical is toxic to them, they will eventually die.

    They groom their legs, ingest the toxins and kills them.

    You spray them, they hunker down and curl up like dead but can live a while.

    Most other insects breath through spiracles along the sides of their body, so pesticides have more a direct effect.

    Now the biggest question is why kill them, one is a totally harmless flying insect, the other two are totally harmless arachnids and beneficial to humans. The real spider that makes a web eats all sorts of pest bugs in your home, they don't bite and tend to avoid humans. The other arachnid is a scavenger eating up all the dead flies on your window sill, and may even take advantage of a passing roach for a meal, they are not capable of biting humans.

    As for your bug spray, that stuff is poison, kills anything without discrimination.

    Consider, such poison is not healthy for pets, humans or other life and far more dangerous than any bug or spider you will have in your house.

    You will have more fun with them keeping them around like pets and learning about them is quite fascinating:


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    I even feed my resident house spider now and then:


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    no scientist here but i think that the venom inside of them because there the most posines spider helps it live but we should NOT kill them because  they help us with insects by eating them and there  friendly i learned that out by my hero 

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    It's not technically a spider, for one thing.


    What is the difference between a harvestman and a spider?

    Harvestmen are arachnids but they are not spiders. As mentioned above Harvestmen are in the Order Opiliones while spiders are in the Order Araneae. ... Another BIG difference between Harvestmen and spiders is the fact that Harvestmen have no fangs and consequently have no venom.

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    "Bug" spray? There are so many kinds.

    The one you used, was it designed for insects? (most "bug sprays" are)

    Spiders are not insects. There are products designed for spiders. On the can, it warns you against spraying spiders without a good reason, as they - the spiders - are very useful (even though we usually don't like to see them).

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