There is a 40hr rape and abuse course given in most states, required for most volunteer groups, and some employment, need help getting mine?

I have had 4 of these classes, in 4 other states. I have volunteered for over 25 years, After 9/11 I had to stop volunteering for almost 8yrs working mostly out of the country. In 2010, I tried to take the class, but could not find one that would work with my schedule. My next time, I was told men could not take the class by 3 different groups. I found a class a year later, but in the middle of the class, being the only male, a few women volunteers felt uncomfortable with a man in the class, and I was asked to leave. I tried other classes, but no luck, and being a man I just had to accept it. A few months ago, I found out I was going to be out of work, for 6-8 months with 4-6 surgeries. So beside rehab I was going to have a lot of time on my hands. I signed up for classes adding to my teaching degree. And I found 3 groups who were looking for volunteers. One was the YWCA, that offered the 40 hr rape class in Illinois. I was told I had to pay $240 for a professional fee to take the class, I agreed. I tried to pay, before the class, and during the class. but was told, don't worry. I took the class and passed. I was told, I would need to wait a few weeks being the only guy volunteering on the hotline. Since then I have called 3 times leaving messages whats going on about volunteering, and ask for the certificate so I can use it for employment, got no call back. Do I have any legal rights getting the certificate for a class I passed?

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    1 year ago
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    Why do you repeatedly ask this question here when the people who can give you an actual answer work for those organizations?  If you are truly seeking an answer I suggest you post on Quora.  Yahoo!Answers is poorly moderated and infested with trolls of all stripes. To me it seems you are promoting some “poor, discriminated males” agenda. 

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    The course isn't anywhere NEAR 40 hours. It is closer to 4 hours.

    Note: EVERY organization that accepts volunteers that need the course offer the course themselves.

    Your claim ANYONE told you men can't take such a course is a FLAT OUT LIE.

    Your claim anyone decided they were uncomfortable with a male in the class HALFWAY THROUGH is patently absurd. That would have happened at the beginning if at all.

    There IS NOT a fee for the class.

    Your legal right is to admit ALL of your details are FICTION.

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    1 year ago

    Sorry, I find this very hard to believe. 90% of all crisis "hotlines" are staffed by both sexes. Including "rape crisis" hotlines. And to kick you out of the class for being a male violates at least three laws. Unless you're not telling the whole story. I'd contact an attorney.

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