who was Gildas in the robin hood mythology?

here Gildas says this;

in the days of lion spawned of Devil's Brood, the hooded man shall come to the forest. There he will meet Herne the Hunter. The powers of light and darkness shall be strong within him. And the guilty shall tremble.


this writing is on the old robin hood text adventure game for the spectrum ''the touchstones of rhiannon''

and i wondered where Gildas originated from in the robin hood folklore.

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    Gildas was far too early to be included in the Robin Hood legend which sits squarely at the time of King Richard I. He could be included in Arthurian legend going back to early sources of the story of King Arthur but not the later ones which are set firmly in the mediaeval period with knights and squires, armour and gallantry.

    • thanks, this material must of borrowed the idea then for this particular game in the early 80's.

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    8 months ago
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