Is the W16 engine of the Bugatti Chiron capable of much higher power than the current 1600 PS?

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  • 8 months ago
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    Bugatti had to ensure that the car met legal emission standards, noise abatement rules, and wasn’t so powerful that it kept costing them a fortune in warranty claims. In many countries the car also has to have a maximum speed limiter and in some others a maximum power output cap.

    Super-wealthy owners who buy them solely for racing purposes get to bypass all the limiters, fit derestricted exhausts with no noise abatement considerations at all, and get to strip out as much of the interior as possible to save weight. They’re also free to remap the engine management to their own needs: obviously if the engine is being stripped-down and overhauled every few races then it only needs to be reliable for the short distances covered between overhauls and that allows it to be remapped for vastly greater power output across what is likely to be a very narrow power band in terms of engine RPM.

    The fully racing prepared Chiron would be totally impossible and unsafe to drive in normal road traffic conditions.

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    • Robsteriark
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      8 months agoReport

      I know. I work very 
      close to Joe Macari cars where they regularly have them in stock, including occasional race-prepared examples. Along with many other rare and collectable cars, many of which only ever get bought and sold as investments.

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  • Ian K
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    8 months ago

    If it runs, it can make more power.  Simple as that.

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