I was a rape counselor for 25yrs. I did not volunteer for a few years after 9/11. Now most groups won;t let me. Any advice?

I had 2 sisters raped, 1 when I was 8, and the 2nd when I was 13. By the time I was 15, I became a rape and abuse counselor. I did so in 4 different states, by taking a 40 hr rape course. I am certified in San Fran, Vegas, Philly, and New York. I have handled over 500 calls on rape and suicide hotlines. I went to the hospital, and counseled over 100 victims. I was highly requested, at high schools talking about date rape, and abuse. After 9/11, my schedule prevented me from volunteering. for a few years. About 8 years ago, I tried to volunteer again, here in Illinois. But I was turned away, because they felt no man should volunteer. I tried to take the 40hr rape course 3 other times. I though It changed> The YWCA liked my experience, and allowed me to take their class. And I did. I was told I had to pay a professional fee, of $240. Which I agreed to. And during the 3 weeks of class I tried to pay the money, but they kept on saying don't worry we will get the payment. but never took it. The last day of the class, with nothing but praise of my knowledge, and experience, I was told I could not volunteer. So I asked for my certificate, and pay my fee. But now they are ignoring me. What can I do?

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  • Alan H
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    You could argue a case of sexual discrimination, but after so many years not practicing, they may argue on those grounds.    Worth discussing 

  • Ana
    Lv 6
    1 year ago

    That’s sexual discrimination and it’s HIGHLY illegal. My short answer is that I recommend you get a lawyer- a conservative white one, who’s smart, good at the law and will work for you. Either male or female. 

    It’s also fraud since they had you take the class and waste your time (and time = money) and then didn’t give you the cert you had earned, after you sat through the entire class semester. 

    This school/counseling group (mistakenly) thinks that discriminating against men such as yourself will be “socially acceptable” in the liberal SJW mindset. But it’s actually illegal and unconstitutional. 

    Sort of like how liberals who owned a restaurant actually tried charging white people (or was it men?) more money than they did minorities/women. (The restaurant got sued and closed down.) 

    Liberal brainwashing is so strong that it can override common sense and make people blatantly break the law.

    Your best option is to get a lawyer. And make sure you call them up on various phones, so they won’t know it’s you. When they answer, say “this call may be recorded for quality and training purposes” then start recording and let them know your name and that you had applied and taken the course but nobody will allow you to pay for the class you already took bcuz they said you were a man. Say this on the line WHILE RECORDING, and see what they say. If they hang up on you rudely, make excuses, or anything else, you’ll now have documentation that they’ve refused to address the discrimination issue when confronted. 

    If they answer but then blow you off, I recommend calling again 48 hours later. Put it on your phone’s calendar to remind yourself to follow up.

    Use this app to record: TapeACall pro. It’s $7 for a year. Money well spent. 

    I also recommend getting the lawyer ASAP so you know what your options are. And also so you know what you need to do, going forward. But unfortunately lawyers often don’t help you that much with GATHERING evidence.. they simply help you proceed with your case in court or they will write up and send emails or certified letters from their law firm On your behalf. Generally it’s good you get your ducts in a row before officially hiring the lawyer. Wouldn’t hurt to call a few legal offices tho and get some advice in exchange for telling them you’re thinking of hiring them.

    Also between you and me, maybe you’ll learn this as a learning experience.

    Fact is: Libera women today don’t care about the truth. And they don’t even really care about stopping rape. (The same people who oppose rape, cheered when their fellow democrats held up “rape Melania Trump” signs.) It’s weirdly morphed into an ideology that’s obsessed with blaming straight white men on all of the world’s rapes. It’s a sexist and racist ideology now. They even will falsely accuse straight white men in order to push the agenda.  According to them, you’re no longer wanted- they even view you as the enemy. Whereas if you were a black male or Muslim male, your participation would be cheered and applauded and they’d pass you the class and happily take your money. (I already know you’re white because I know the ideology of which you’re dealing with.) 

    Trust me, your best outcome will be to take them to court. You’ll win- BIG. And they’ll learn not to discriminate in 2019. That’s the only way they learn unfortunately is by losing a lot of money and having a court rule against them 

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