stackexchange javascript blockout?

recently, i registered a stackexchange account to ask questions about programming, but when i logged in and try to ask questions, it show me that the javascript have been blocked or failed to load, what is the problem and how do i fix it


1 Answer

  • 1 year ago

    If this happens when you log in, it sounds like your browser or (more likely) one of its add-on apps is blocking JavaScript or JS downloads from the server.

    Check your browser settings; and also try using a different browser or a "safe mode" launch of your preferred browser with no add-ons and default setting.

    If this only happens when you try to post a question, that message might mean that your question isn't properly formatted.  Any inline code in a paragraph should be "code quoted" using ` accent ("back-quote") marks, like `<script>alert("JS code")</script>`.  Any block of code in a question needs to be indented four spaces (spaces, no tab characters) on each line, in addition to any leading spaces/tabs that are part of the code.

    With most languages, you probably won't see that sort of message (I never have), but HTML markup and script code in a message might look like a malware attack, attempting script injection or something.

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