Has anybody else noticed that the Y!A team has implemented the exact opposite of one of their most popular requests?

Many users have supported the suggestion that we should be allowed to know when anonymous users have us blocked, so that we don't waste time answering a question only for it to be rejected when we press submit. What has the Y!A team actually done? It appears that they now no longer even inform us when a non-anonymous user has us blocked, either. Is it just something I have done wrong, or has Y!A actually made the situation worse, rather than better?


Also, I notice, first it went from saying, 'Something has gone wrong', to just not doing anything when you press submit, and now they have made it even worse by acting as though the answer HAS been submitted, but just not showing it.

Update 2:

And now I notice that this question doesn't appear in the list in the "Yahoo Answers" category. So not only are they doing the exact opposite of what they are asked, they then attempt to hide the fact that they have done so.

I think I am finished with this site.

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    1 year ago

    No, I haven't noticed that. There IS a long term issue with the "Submit" button, not to mention the plethora of bugs and glitches that tend to occur when rolling out a new format (I'm actually surprised there haven't been more of them).

    Thus far, I still experience the issue with trying to answer a question posted by an Anon, only to find I'm blocked when I try to submit my answer. I haven't tried to post an answer to a user who wasn't Anon, and had it not submit (although sometimes I do have to copy my answer, refresh the page, and try again). On a few occasions I've tried to post an answer that wouldn't take, only to discover the question had been reported and removed during the time I was composing my answer (and that's why my answer wouldn't submit).

  • Zirp
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    1 year ago

    There probably is no "Y!A-team" anymore. According to the facebookpage (!!) it was disbanded many months ago. The whole yahoo-brand was bought by VERIZON even longer ago.

    the request "better info on when we are blocked" is in the top 15 on the suggestion-board, and "collecting feedback"

  • I tested this block option on one answerer who I knew had me blocked.  You could see the comment box, so I wrote something and submitted it.  Nothing happened except this pinwheel kept on turning and turning not posting my comment.  This is really not a good way.  Just remove the comment box if we can not comment.

  • LAN
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    1 year ago

    Why does this surprise you?   After all it's just a continuation of their ongoing policy to make this site as troll friendly as possible.

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    1 year ago

    I can't see why they just remove the box for us to put an answer in...as they do for non-anonymous people who have blocked us. It's a pain bothering to write an answer only to find that it won't post because the asker has blocked us. I'm sure the anonymous posters are laughing their cowardly little heads off.

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    We were never specifically told in either format that we were blocked. There may have been no answer box, but that was not consistent or was never implemented, but they don't gray out the answers button in the new format

    . How can Verizon/Yahoo do something they never did. There are NO Yahoo Answers teams as such. Verizon just never changed the YA Home page display to get rid of those often ridiculous now outdated questions. Getting rid of those questions has been suggested many times.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Not just you. Just this morning, I wrote a nice pleasant answer to a question and after giving it all that time, I was blocked. It's very frustrating.

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