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Is this technically owning him?

I’ve been told by people that it is illegal to own a crow so i am wondering if i am technically breaking the law. I wouldn’t say i own this crow but I’ve been feeding him for i think a few years and we’ve kinda became friends(or at least i think we have). He comes to my backyard, i feed him and then we just lay around under the tree i convinced my mom to put there for him. He doesn’t nest in it but he has a small stash of food there. I named him Zeke and let him in my house once or twice, he’ll sometimes follow me places if he feels like it, he might let me pick him up though he usually doesn’t so we usually will just hang out by his tree until he flies off. Is this technically owning the crow? My neighbor said it looks like i own him but Zeke is his own bird and not my pet

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    It’s not, ur fine bro

  • 12 months ago

    No, that's not technically owning him. That's just feeding a wild crow. If you kept it in captivity, i.e., caged it, that would be considered owning it, or at least infer that you are declaring ownership of it, and is illegal to keep a crow in captivity, if you don't have a special permit. It's illegal to own crows under US federal law, for purposes of not wanting to create a black market for selling crows and incentivizing people to steal baby crows from their nests. Same law applies to most wild birds.

  • Dze
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    unless you cage him your alright ..

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