Hi I am International Student from INDIA planning to do MBA next year in UK or Germany country. Do i get jobs and PR when i finish course?

Please genuinely guide me. Any kind of information accepted. 

Thank You,

Vishwas K

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  • 8 months ago
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    Britain has emerged as one of the toughest destinations for overseas education for Indian students, as staying back requires a skilled-job offer from an employer with a tier-II sponsorship licence.Recovering part of the investment in US education by gaining work experience there has always been an important factor for Indian students, many of whom have a three-year window of optional practical training after studies to gain experience in the US. As the uncertainty over the future of H1B visa sponsorship becomes a reality for Indian students in the US, many are considering alternatives such as Canada and European countries, including the Netherlands, France and Germany.

    “Some are looking for top-ranked universities, irrespective of employment opportunities, while others consider permanent residence to settle overseas as a priority after graduation.”It is clear that foreign education is not losing its shine. However, keeping in mind the return on investment, there have been significant changes in terms of popular destinations and courses.

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  • 8 months ago

    Absolutely NO remaining in the country where you go to school. Student visas are temporary NON-immigration visas issued on the condition that foreign students return to their own country immediately upon completion or termination of full-time studies.

    Furthermore, MBAs are a glut on most job markets, and that's not a qualification for any type of employment visa anywhere in the world. You will only work in your own country.

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  • drip
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    8 months ago

    US, Germany, UK 

    You will be in the foreign country on a student visa. They will all require you to leave the country once you finish your degree, quit or get kicked out. 

    You must return to your home  country. 

    Getting a job is up to you. The university doesn’t find a job for you. 

    To work in these countries you need a work visa. You must have a job lined up with an employer who is willing to sponsor your work visa.

    As said,  MBA graduates world wide have trouble finding a job in their own country. The field is saturated. 

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  • 8 months ago

    Any kind of information accepted - desist

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  • 8 months ago

    Nope - you return home when you finish your course.

    There's a global glut of MBA graduates; unless you have STEM qualifications, you won't qualify for a work visa anywhere.

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