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Can I get into universities without being in a sport?

I’m in a sport right now, but am planning to quit in my junior year next year because I just don’t have fun with it anymore and I dread  it everyday. However, since I won’t be in a sport, I will be doing colleges classes during the school year and even in the summer.

My friends say that we need to be in a sport in order to stand out and seem well rounded. Is this true? Can I get into a college without sports? Are my chances the same? Or should I just keep doing the sport even thought I actually hate it? Thank you!

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    Yeah of course you can get into a good school without being in a sport. You're not going to stand out that much either way, there are plenty of kids with a 4.0 who also play a sport and an instrument. Its your grades, essays, and ACT/SAT scores that matter much more. If you hate the sport do yourself a favor and quit :-)

    -Kate yelkovan

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    Lots of people get into college without playing sports. If your academics are good enough, you can too.

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    Yes! Not sure where that idea came from. Get good grades, do well on college entrance exams like the ACT & SAT and you should be good, as long as you can afford your university/college.

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    Yes. You can get into a university without playing a sport. Admission decisions are based on your unweighted GPA, strength of coursework, and SAT or ACT scores. They don't care how many goals you scored in soccer or how many home runs you hit in baseball -- unless you're aiming for an athletic scholarship.

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