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Does size really matter in a fight?

To me, it’s all about skill. But my friends seem to think that just because you’re bigger than someone else that means you’ll beat them in a fight no matter what. So what matters more? Size or fighting skill?

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    Skill can over come size different.

    Its not the size of the dog in the fight its the size of the fight in the dog.

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    The right answer is: We can only teach the needed techniques to use in the situation. What I can not teach are the 2 things that are the most important in a real-life attack. The ability to NOT freeze and the heart to do what it might take to defend themselves. EX; a broken arm, a slashed shoulder, to name a few, are much better than losing your life, rape,  and so on... My job is to teach self-confidence and so on. I will NEVER give my students a false sense of security! So many out there do. I have had the blessing of teaching over 10,000  men, women, teenagers, and children of all ages in my 52 years of enjoying Martial Arts. I have had the pleasure of promoting 74 of my students to the rank of Black Belt and above. I am STILL learning and will never learn everything. I don't need a book. I served 3 tours of duty in Vietnam. Hope this helps. Everybody has an answer which doesn't make them wrong, this is how we learn. They are just like ah's, we all got one! lol

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    It definitely gives a person an advantage, there is no denying this and nobody should even try. However it does not matter entirely. If you pick up any grey's anatomy text book you'll find that the human body no matter how big or small always has weak points and if you have the skill and technique to utilize them that is a monumental advantage in a real fight. 

    For example: a roundhouse (turning) kick on average can produce 700-1000lb of force (fight science/Sport science) coming from an average sized man. If you were able to use something as simple as this towards just above the knee, inner thigh/Shin, and if able the ribs. you can easily create a huge amount of damage that could stop the fight there. Another Example: a Front kick can produce 750lb of force, which if aimed at the knee is double the amount needed to dislocate it. These are just a few of the many examples of how a smaller person can over come a stronger person.Examples of fighters:-Mike Tyson 5'10 going up against 6ft+ guys 

    -Bruce Lee 5'7

    -and many more georges st pierre, lots of others. 

    Source(s): 1st degree and world competitor in Taekwon-Do, Currently testing for my Blk Blt in Shito-Ryu Karate, Boxing, jujitsu, and catchwrestling experience. Bachelor of Kinesiology student.
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    Strength does, and it's associated with weight. I'd say it goes

    1. Strength

    2. Toughness

    3. Skill

    4. Speed

    Small people can beat even skilled big people if they are stonger

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  • 1 month ago

    Can 5'-7", 145 lbs.Tom Cruise beat 6'-10", 350 lbs. Nathan Jones? Tom never could have enough skill to beat Nathan. All things being otherwise equal, the bigger man wins. Some small men have beaten men a whole lot bigger than them, but that takes fantastic skill. The bigger man can strike harder and is harder to damage. Several traits are involved in who wins fights. You're oversimplifying a lot.. 

    • Morgan3 weeks agoReport

      Mike Tyson is one of the smallest heavy weights there has ever been and he dominated the ring in his prime. He is only 5'10 with a lot of his competitors being 6'3 or higher more than a half a foot difference in size and bulk. 

  • Noah
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    1 month ago

    Yes it does matter now that doesn't mean a bigger man is automatically going to win. It's one of many factors with more weight you have more power for your strikes and you're harder to manhandle!

    Being smaller also has advantages shorter people can grapple easier and thinner people don't use as much energry when moving and can wear down opponents (think Ali)!

  • Steel
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    2 months ago

    It would be irresponsible to suggest that size doesn't matter in a fight, but skill certainly trumps it, as others have stated.

  • 2 months ago

    It depends on the people and the size differences, I never seen a little person beat up a bodybuilder. 

    • Steel
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      Fat is problematic in many ways, but don't neglect the fact it also provides protecting of muscle. Overly exposed muscle is susceptible to injury. 

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    Totally about skill I think too

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      Sandra K is an idiot, never fought before and probably knits for her husband

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