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Why do Children now expect their parents to provide everything freely for them without question ?

1) I am Retired

2) My Wife works

3) Our Child (Now an Adult) , expects me to nothing all day other than prepare his meal for him when he gets home from work .

4) Our Child provides us with NO housekeeping money , He expects that because we wanted him we should provide FOOD , Heating , Clothing , Shoes , Electricity , Water ,Cleaning , Ironing , etc., FREE !


As a Child I lived in the Family Home , As a Married Man I rented a home to live in with my Wife and Bring our child up into , now he has a Girlfriend and they want to buy a home to share , they say renting is for fools , This Fool didn't earn enough to buy a home for His Family .My basic wage wasn't £10.50 an hour , it was only twice that a week .

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    It's called Poor Parenting! Unless your adult child is disabled in some way or is helping out, it's time for them to start paying their own way, like an adult (because he is an adult).

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    tell him you're done baby sitting, and that he's got to make his own meals or starve, or contribute some cash towards food

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    cause theyre lazy, i wouldve kicked them out

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    Because you failed at parenting to prepare your child for adulthood learning to be independent and respectful to his parents.

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    You are not asking the right question. It's not "Why do Children now expect their parents to provide everything freely for them without question ? "

    The correct question is, "Why do you and your wife let your child treat you as doormats?"

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    no, YOUR child expects it from u. my children do not expect anything from me and they all have moved out and re making their lives on their own. the youngest is 20. this is the way u raised your child. u re probably an enabler. I have a friend - she has a son in his mid 20, had been sitting on his a.s.s till 20smth, then decided to study for some bogus profession at university and now expects her to serve him hand and foot and calls her useless and good for nothing if he comes home and there is no food on the table. my own children while studying at university were working at the same time and living on their own. I was doing tem a favour asking to come on weekend and eat with us

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    Talk to him and explain that soon he will need to leave. Does he go to university? What is his job like? Will it be able to support him in buying his own house?

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