How to predict video games that will be coming out in 4 years.?

For a college assignment I have to write a game design document. One section of it has to be dedicated to predicting competition upon the games release.

Unfortunately, I've already written a 10 page treatment on a game with a large scope that would take 4 years to make.

I can't find any announcements for upcoming titles four years away. What do I do?

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    10 months ago

    Look at what typically comes out each year. There is usually a Mario game, Zelda game, sporting game, dance game, remake of an older game, shooting game, etc.

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    Well you can easily predict certain games...

    For instance Fifa for that year, call of duty seems to keep coming back, assassins creed will likely make returns up until that point etc. If the developers know a game is very popular and know they can make a new game that makes sense (and money), they'll probably do it. With fifa its just a case of acknowledging that a large chunk of people in this world are obsessed with football. Like to a point where its all some people care about. The developers of COD games realized the popularity for it was shrinking so they remade a previously successful game from the past. It's almost petty how to start out games are developed with heart and brains, then it slowly turns into a case of money money money, usually ruining the later games under the same title. The last good COD game in my eyes was black ops 1, and everything before it, black ops 3 was okay but eh... I never play Fifa either. Assassins creed can make use of a lot of history so if there's history there's a high chance they'll integrate their newest game with that history.  The most recent brings ancient Greece into the story.

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    The one series you may 100% count on is sports games. Each and every year without fail, certain series release an updated title. Even 4 years from now you'll be seeing MLB The Show, Madden NFL, NBA 2k, etc.

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    You can’t. Games are not plan 4 years ahead. Games are planned maybe 1 or 2 years in advance because Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo don’t get the dev kit until 1 or 2 years before the consoles release. Once they get the dev kit and know the specs then they can start planning on what type of games it wants to make.

    If you plan a game 4 years in advance, by the time it’s released, it’ll be archaic.

    Video games is constantly changing. What is popular now may not be popular in 4 years. It’s a copycat world. If one genre is popular then everyone will start copying it.

    MOBA is popular now but in 4 years, it might be something else.

    The only sure thing is that games will have smarter AI and better graphics.

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  • 10 months ago

    Deep dive into “video games in development hell”. Personally I favor Half-Life 3, but browse the games and take your pick. Plenty have been “in development” for 10+ years (some have been kicked around almost 20!) with an announcement or two made ever few years that some game is still “in development”.

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