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I am a loner, i'm an introvert and I usually like to spend time alone, and I have no friends. My question is?

I like to go alone wherever I want, because I don't have friends to go out with so I decide to go alone, and hang out in public places alone, and I'm used to it and comfortable to be alone. But sometimes strangers see me so strangely and maybe they also think weird things about me that make my mental weaken and make my confidence decrease and make me embarrassed and uncomfortable in this situation. I hope to get answers that can help me.

Oh yeah, I'm an introvert too. Where an introvert who is known to prefer to be alone and maybe not many friends.

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    I know what you mean!  If you're happy being alone, that's fine.  

    I think you have to be rational about this and remember that strangers really don't think you're strange.  They don't think weird things about you.  

    If they notice you at all, they probably won't think anything at all beyond their own lives.  

    If they have a smile on their face as you walk by, they're probably remembering a joke they heard the day before.  If they frown, they're worrying about a job at work or an argument they had with their partner.

    And if, by chance one person happened to think that you were a bit odd, walking by yourself, why should you care?  Their opinion is of no concern to you at all.  

    Obviously don't hang around children's playgrounds or schools - people can jump to some really awful conclusions at that sort of place!  

    But otherwise - do what you enjoy.  No-one's even going to notice that you're alone.

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  • Go ask them what they're thinking when they looked at you

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  • 7 months ago

    So what is your question, and why are you posting it anonymously if you're not a troll?

    Trollboy, if you don't like my response, answer my questions.

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  • 7 months ago

    I can relate a lot, although I don't know if I can help you I will try. Trust me that people do not care if you're alone when you're outside. They might be jealous even, I know it's hard to believe that but it only proves how independent you're. You aren't dependent on other people to have a good time, which is only a good thing. Try not to think about what other people are thinking, instead think of what they're doing. Make up scenarios in your head of their own lives, you'll realise that they will have other things on their mind other than you. The only people who may think badly are ratty kids who have nothing better to do than harass people, try and avoid them.

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  • 7 months ago

    "My question is?"



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