are my boyfriend and I okay?

we have been dating for a year, and I notice little things and don't know what to think. for a little thing, when we walk with a group, he will walk ahead with everyone and not even realize that I stopped to tie my shoelace, I know it seems small but also he has never said he loves me and we have not gone all the way.  we spoke and he said it didn't mean anything. I dont know how to interpret this, please let me know if you think he has lost interest


the "he said it didn't mean anything" was him reassuring me that us not being intimate was not because of how he feels or anything, we are just busy

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  • 9 months ago
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    So along with what you said he is also dismissive of your feelings instead of validating them. I'd say that you are with the wrong guy if he isn't meeting your emotional needs. You can waste time trying to change him. But that probably won't happen. OR you can leave the relationship and hopefully find a guy that is more emotionally developed than your current Boyfriend appears to be.

  • Alan H
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    9 months ago

    Accept him as he is, or move on

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