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What is this guy’s opinion on me?

I have a guy friend who I’m getting some mixed signals from. My friend who actually knows him better said that he acts differently around me, and he always makes really long eye contact with me, all this amounting to me thinking he might actually be somewhat attracted to me. At one point when I finished my very last research paper for school (I’m a college senior), he said “good job dear.” I know that terms of endearment can be friendly, but I don’t know him that well, so I wasn’t sure what to think of him calling me dear. My friend also said that whenever I come up in their conversations, he says that I’m a sweetheart. I don’t know what that means to other people, but sweetheart is in my mind a platonic word. So anyway... thoughts on whether this guy likes me or not?

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    He may do. Sounds like he could. Probably depends on the time length all this happened. One year apart, within days, weeks. If you like him ask him out. If you don't DW about it so much.

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    Sweetheart isn't a platonic description but rather a romantic one. Apparently he likes you if he's saying that about you to others. So what do you plan to do with this information? Clearly, he's not going to make the first move. If he was he would have done so by now, even if he just wanted to be friends.

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