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I’m having trouble solving this. I get stuck on 11^9(200h)=x^2 can anyone help

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    If you want to solve for h:

    h = (x^2) / (200*11^9) = (x^2) / 471589538200

    If you want to solve for x:

    x = +/- sqrt(11^9*200h)

    x = +/- sqrt(471589538200h)

    x = +/- 146410*sqrt(22h)

  • Dixon
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    4 weeks ago

    Presumably the question is to solve for x in terms of h,otherwise there is no answer. But seeing as you haven't included any white space for clarity (eg either side of the "=", it isn't clear if the right hand side "x" is multiplication or another x. So either just square root the right side for the answer, or, arrange the whole equation into a quadratic equal to zero and use the formula.

  • alex
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    4 weeks ago


    1 equation with 2 unknowns h and x

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