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Is it ok to stay in marriage for kids? Always compromise and live married life? Even if your partner not meeting your expectations? ?

I communicate things very well but still feels like I’m ignored by my husband. Our personalities are completely different. I am very confused..Should I live for my happiness or kids? If I make my self priority I feel bad for my kids and feels like my happiness or my wants doesn’t matter to me. I don’t want divorce because of kids but at the same time I don’t feel happy in my marriage.  Any advice how should I have thinking process to feel good or make decision? 

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    You owe it your kids to exhaust every possible remedy before seeking divorce. This would include marriage counseling, attempting to reconcile by spending more time together, etc. If after you've done all that you're still so miserable that it affects the quality of your parenting, that would be the time to consider divorce.

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    Kids are more aware of others feelings than you would think. They know if there is problems with mom & dad.Try some

    counseling. Also be honest with the kids about any future plans, good or bad.

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