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My son joined the Navy and has his recruiter submitted a DAR request to change his job. After the DAR request is submitted what's next?

My son joined the Navy and got the ratting of MM, which is great but he really wanted a CT job. The classifier told him he qualifies for CT jobs like CTN or CTR but there was none available at the time. So he said to take MM ratting to show his recruiters that he is serious about joining and to work with his recruiter to submit a DAR request and pushed out his leave date to 6 months so he can get the job he wants. We later found out he dint actually qualify for the CT jobs because they had an older asvab score of 60 he took earlier in the year. His last score on the asvab was a 78, which does qualify for a CT job and I am sure more than what was shown to him. So the recruiter said he had the ASVAB score updated in the system and submitted a DAR request to switch his job to CTN or CTR. 

I am a prior Navy Veteran and feel like the whole process was a  sh!$ show.

After this DAR request is submitted what's next, do we need to follow up with the recruiter and keeping ask it the job is available? 

how likely would it be that he gets his rate changed?Is there anyway to find out if his ASVAB score was updated or do we just take the recruiters word that it is?

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  • 7 months ago

    Your son will never get that CT job as a fresh recruit. Better take that MM job and ask for a transfer later on.

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  • Mrsjvb
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    7 months ago

    you do nothing but wait.   a DAR is nothing more than a REQUEST and the Navy is under zero obligation to grant it, especially since they already have him on the hook for MM.   both CTN and CTR are manned at strength or overmanned so it is possible that no spot will come up in either A school in the next year.  hell, last time I spoke to somebody at Corry, there was a delay in starting a few  A schools due to not being enough seats in the classrooms to hold everyone who already was here.  

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  • 7 months ago

    the recruiter does NOT work for you, they work for the Navy

    of course you must take the recruiters word, you start demanding proof, thew recruiter will just drop the recruitment of your son.

    the chances of the DAR request is slim to none, the navy could care less what rating someone wants, they are interested in the ratings the Navy says they need.

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