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Which of the Seven Deadly Sins best represents the Greek goddess Aphrodite?

I know this may sound like a stupid question, but when you really look closely, Aphrodite can technically embody most (if not all) of the Seven Deadly Sins. I know since she's the goddess of love that everyone's gonna immediately want to say Lust, but she's also very petty and vengeful at times. She's been known to embody pride, envy, and wrath, often in the same story all at once, so I'm curious as to which of the sins would be her primary, since her personality is surprisingly more diverse than what most people would think.

So, anyone, please answer as best you can (and maybe provide evidence to support it if you can)


If you think this is a stupid question, please don't answer it. Being rude to people online to make yourself feel better about your life only makes you a worse person.

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    Yup, stupid question. Your words, not mine.

    Luke Skywalker had a long robe and a beard, does that mean he's a Muslim? How would Vishnu best represent the Flying Spaghetti Monster? How many Pillars of Islam do the Old And The New Gods from Game Of Thrones break? How come Horus and Ra never celebrated Christmas? When the Germans dropped the nuke on Pearl Harbor....

    Stop getting stupid with it.

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    I still think lust. Mainly because almost every story about her involves her cheating on and belittling her husband Hephaestus and chasing after another man.

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