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My roommate is very sick do I have any obligation to help him?

I know he hasn't eaten in at least 3 days. He has a minifridge in his room for water. I think he mostly sleeps. Maybe uses the bathroom like every 24 hours When he moved in, he prepaid 3 months rent. He has money, but no job. He sleeps on a camping cot made out of nylon

 He lives very modestly. Perhaps I should ask him? Should I mind my business?

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    If he is sick you can make sure he has water and maybe offer to bring him some soup and/or crackers.

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    if you were sick and hadn't eaten in 3 days, would you want your roommate to mind his own business or check on you? I'd check

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    As a normal human being I'd hope that you'd

    - ask if he is OK

    - if he needed anything

    - and could you do anything to help.

    Gee why do you need to be told? After all if the roles were reversed wouldn't you want him to show some concern? To give you some help to get better?

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    You should definitely check up on him to make sure he's ok.

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