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How does anyone with a brain keep saying astrology is fake?

The problem is that some people think it's what they read in the newspapers yeah those zodiac things are like hella fake but you know if you went to or got your chart read by a real astrologer it is 100 percent accurate. So you say it's not science I failed science class blah blah you realize science is controlled by the Jews who are mostly scheming and materialistic right. There is an explanation of this and that explanation is this. Each planet has spiritual energy that can effect a person and can make things happen in their life. The positions the planets are in changes the energy of this planet. Each 30 degree section of the sky has a different energy. It blends with the energy of the planet. When something starts is when it's energy is decided for humans that means birth. So that fixes their energy and personality or whatever. Each planet is an aspect of the personality and person's life. Each section or the sky over where they were born is an area of their life. Planets interact with this point causing changes in the life of the person based upon that person's soul energy. Astrology is a map of the human soul. Each Chakra is ruled by a different planet. The energy a person has determines their life. Kundalini Yoga cleanses karma as does meditation and raising your vibration cleaning your aura etc. This is how we overcome astrology. For most though due to humanities low vibration they are a slave to the stars and thus astrology is 100 percent accurate.

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    How does anyone with a brain keep saying astrology is not fake?

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    4 weeks ago

    If it’s remotely possible to show my future, that knowledge would automatically change if. So what’s the use?

    “What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.”

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    Easy. Astrology is fake. See how easy that was?

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    Easy. Astrology is a fake ... and so are you.

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