Does my best friend like me still? ?

About 7 months ago, I got friendzone by my best friend because of  religious reasons. But  she liked me because I got her to admitted it. This whole thing almost ended up destroying our friendship. 7 months later, we are still close. I feel she still likes me. I’m like 90% sure she likes me. My best friend is really shy. She never had a boyfriend, first kiss, etc. She rarely makes eye contact with me anymore. Used to make a lot more eye contact with me about a month ago but her eye contact has gotten really bad with me. Every time I look into her beautiful brown eyes, her pupils are huge! Just as big as a cartoon character. She does not like giving hugs to anyone, but she gives me them! When she hugs me, it’s feels real, but she doesn’t hold on for long because she shy. Last week, one of the workers on my campus made a comment when I was with her which was about me. She turned really super shy and bright red. Her face kind of pucker up which I never seen before. Also, 95% of the time, she has her feet crossed over her knee which is pointing at me. Also, have her body twisting somewhat pointing at me. She also been opening up to me more lately which I always wanted. 

What should I do? Help me please. I love her but I am scared of destroying our friendship. Does she like me still? Is she scared? Is she confused?

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  • 9 months ago

    It sounds like she still likes you a lot but she just isn't allowed to be in a relationship. She probably stopped making eye contact and hugging you because she's probably working on trying to get over her crush on you but since she's opening up to you she obviously still wants to be friends. There is really nothing you can do except be her friend. 

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  • 9 months ago


    Yes she still likes you, yes she is attracted to you, yes she is showing all the signs! Nothing has changed though, her religious reasons still exist (whatever they may be), and they likely won't change, so really, if you are expecting anything to happen, you're holding your breath.

    Do you really care about her? If so, accept all she can offer you is friendship.

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