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How do I get over a crush?

I'm not trying to get over him because he's out of my league or anything like that, in fact it's the opposite. The chance of us dating is actually really high, It's just that... I don't know if I want to date him...? I've never had a boyfriend before and I don't think I'm ready at all. But my hormones are really giving me the **** and I need to get over him.


And I really like him and it's so annoying. I've also heard from others that he may have a crush on me too, and that just doubled the amount if liking I have for him and it's been getting so bad.

Can someone berate me or something? Call me stupid and say it's just a dumb teenage crush and that It'll pass away soon? Because I've tried and it doesn't work at all.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Why are you so afraid of dating?

    • Adelina4 weeks agoReport

      High school relationships don't last long and cause so much drama. There's no point in getting into one unless you're looking for heartbreak and depression and failing grades

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Try to expand your range of activities.

    Try to become more cultural

    Meet lots of people

    and then eventually that crush that was once so long ago fades away into a distant, but not always regretful memory

    Some things never work out because they were never destined to work out. Sometimes you just have to take a more practical approach and learn to replace the memories that were strongly rooted and associated with the said person. Try to replace the memories with different memories that won't fade away. Particularly, memories that don't make you feel shitty.

    • Adelina4 weeks agoReport

      Ok, but he doesn't make me feel shitty. In fact he makes me feel really ******* good and I hate it.

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