I'm looking for an answer to my question. You have to answer my question. You thanked me for my answer???

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    4 weeks ago

    Your post is unclear. What are you asking us? Did someone post an answer to a question you asked and now that answer is gone? If so, it would either be due to the user removing it or the answer being reported as a violation.

    Also, sometimes you see an answer in the Notifications area, but it doesn't show up in your question because it's caught in the spam filter (it's there but the only one who can see it is the person who posted it).

  • 1 month ago

    There's been a lot of BS reporting going on here............your question, or answer, may no longer be here.

    Apparently some users here, with multiple accounts, just report and remove answers they don't LIKE.-----despite NOT being any sort of violation.

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