Non-law enforcement jobs that you can get with a criminal justice degree?

I studied criminal justice and got my bachelor's degree for my school's program. However, the summer before my fourth and final year, I did the police internship/field placement program which consisted of ride-alongs and watching other branches of the agency work. It was a fun and enlightening experience, but it also made me realize that law enforcement is way too stressful for me and there is just too much pressure. I've looked into AmeriCorps programs before and I'm still interested, but I've also considered social work. The problem is a lot of the social work/social service jobs I'm seeing have prerequisites such as 'master's degree in social work' or 'x number of years with this kind of experience. I've worked as a security officer for Allied Universal for over two years now. I've been told there are many great non-law enforcement jobs you can get with a criminal justice degree, but I don't know what they are. I'm pretty open-minded as to the kind of work I'd do. Any helpful advice?

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  • Kyle
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    7 months ago

    join the military. with your degree, you could apply for officer's training, or enlist and start out at a higher rank, some branches up to e-4. they have hundreds of jobs that aren't all combat or infantry related. so if you're willing to lean another skill, get paid training and serve for 4-6 years, that can be an option. that way you don't have to go back to school and pay for it on your own.

    as long as you pass basic qualifications, which are listed on the branches websites, go see a recruiter. learn about jobs, selection process, bases, overseas, work scheduled, benefits, life style, and others. just seeing one doesn't force you into agreement to join, but you shouldn't go unless you aren't seriously interested. otherwise you're wasting each other's time.

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  • 7 months ago

    There's loads of trainee manager jobs where the requirement is that you have a degree in any subject at all, just because if you have a degree they know you can think. Just a thought but some retail companies start graduates as area managers just for that reason, you can think.

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