is it normal to hear a whirring sound and just sounds from a cd stereo system as it's playing cds?

i only bought my denon cd stereo system in 2017, so its not that old really, but just recently ive dug cds out of a plastic storage box to listen to in the cd stereo system at night, whilst i'm in bed.....setting the cd to play on repeat, so it repeats the whole cd continually through the night?

but as ive been lying in bed recently, i have been hearing sounds from the stereo system as its playing the cd continually, like a whirring sounds or maybe a light ticking noises....or just the mechanics moving as its playing the cd?

two questions; is this normal whilst playing cds, to hear faint noises from the system?   

and; will it damage my precious cds to play them like this?

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  • 9 months ago
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    Yes, CD players make noises.

    They are partly mechanical, after all.

    If you want a real education about such things,

    try using a LaserDisc player.

    They make a Lot of funny noises!

    My Pioneer CLD-D702 can shake a shelf unit pretty significantly 

    when playing a CLD disc. 

    This occurs about 8 minutes into a side. 

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