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Loud noise coming from compressor when clutch is engaged?

I have been experiencing a loud noise, what sounds like a bearing noise, coming from my compressor, but only when the AC is on and clutch is engaged. Apart from the noise, the ac was working fine up until yesterday when the compressor started locking up. The bearing noise is louder now when I turn on the AC, so I am wondering if the noise is related to the locking up. It is a compressor for a 1999 Toyota Rav 4, 2.0L (3sfe engine). I'm not in the US, but it's a US version. Sourcing and replacing the compressor is difficult and also expensive to do. Machine shops do compressor bearing replacements, but the fact that I don't hear the bearing noise unless I turn the AC on is what's puzzling because the belt that turns the pulley for the compressor is the same belt for the crankshaft pulley and alternator, so the compressor pulley turns all the time. I hope someone understands what I'm saying and can assist me with that.

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    Troubleshooting the AC Compressor is not that hard. Turning the actual compressor, the inside part that only rotates when engaged is done by putting a socket on the bolt in the middle and turning. It should be 10mm on your car. It should turn smoothly with no rough spots. If that is good you'd remove the Drive Belt and rotate the Pulley by hand and check for any roughness or wobble. You can replace just the Clutch, but from what you describe you won't be that lucky. If you can't turn the middle you'll need to Flush the chips out, not easy or cheap. When you hear a noise, check it out and fix it before it becomes a catastrophic failure. It's saves you lots of money.

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      Thank you brother

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    First, you don't know what you are talking about.   I don't know what a bearing noise sounds like(I have worked on repairing cars for over 40 years so if I don't know, you DEFINITELY DON'T KNOW)  Bearings are suppose to be quiet.

    U.S. or not, how it works is essentially the same.

    The noise I hear from my PC has been the same, fans running and internal clicks and that is as much noise as I hear from your write up. OR"0"!

    See a mechanic and have him assess the sounds and tell you what it is...and how much to fix.  Go to TOYOTA dealership as those mechanics know their cars better than some guy named Earl(who actually is a plumber)focking it up so now you really have some stuff that is broke.

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    Time for a new AC compressor and system flush. Since the compressor locked up you may have to replace the expansion valve as that's where debris gets caught and makes the low side pressure max out which freezes the lines up.

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