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Am I having mixed feelings. What do I do?

I’ve been messaging a guy I haven’t seen since the eight grade. And I’m a fresh out of high school graduate.  

After a while he admitted he legitimately liked me in school even though I was so rude to him... he liked the hard to get 😂😂 he’s not a very good looking dude so he’s always single 

Anyway I talk to him baaicalllg everyday on message. I’m still not ready to actually hang out with him in person especially when I’m a shy kind of person. We have sexted and flirt quite often. He still sends signs like it’s as if he’s head over heels for me. Meme: *seee? *celebrity* is with an ugly guy. And she’s happy! 

 he thinks everything about me is cute  

And at one point sent me a snap of him flexing and captioned pretend I’m hot. And another time said the guy I called hot is hot like him. So a lot of signs even though I once said to him don’t try to be more than friends. And sometimes I actually feel really cute and loved with all the cute talk seeing I’ve never dated. I assumed No one in highschool liked me. I was a weirdo  

The last time I posted a Q about this I had written can sexting lead to actual sex.  And everyone sounded very aggressive. Wrong wording.  Okay I wouldn’t actually have sex with him unless I actually dated him long term. Or maybe not at all. I don’t know. The reason I don’t hang out with him in person at this point is because I’m not confrabke. And he said when you’re ready since he once said he doesn’t want to be just text buddies. Is it just mixed feeling

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    The reasoning behind many of the answer given to anonymous posting is that usually, it's a troll or repeat offender of lame and stupid Q's. Based on what you've written, if your texts to him are anything like you trying to convey exactly how you're feeling, of course, you're going to come off as giving him mixed messages/feelings towards him.

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