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A cramp on the job?

I got a really bad cramp at whole foods where I work...

The manager was like...

"Oh come on you can take it... You lifted about 600 pounds of produce onto the shelves by yourself"....

I told the manager...

"I'm sure you're proud.... But that power is exactly what I have working against me on the inside...and that's exactly why I need a break beating myself up right now"... Lol

She said.. Ouch...  

I was given a potassium supplement drink and a few Pedialyte drinks and a few cigarettes.


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  • Pearl
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    9 months ago
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    maybe your doctor can write you a note so you can do other jobs

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Right, I believe this the same way I believe you beat up your mother, your dear sister (Ginny), a customer in McDonald - and this kid: "“Making the 16 year old eat what I cook? On the last day of his defiance...He said..You can't make me..I said you want bet f@goot ?Watch this..I took the police baton..Beat him in the stomach with it..Then kicked him out of the chair..Then I picked him up by the neck and waist..

    Threw plopped him down into a wheel chair...Then I duct taped his wrists to the arms of the chair...Duct taped his legs to the foot rest posts...Duct taped his chest and back to the backrest..

    Put his head in the read restraint...Got a crowbar...And told him to open his mouth or I'll open it for you..You're a child..16 years old..You do what the f)uck I say do..F@ggot...Your days of doing what you want are OVER. Now open your f)ucking mouth. When he wouldn't open his mouth..I took the leather belt and whacked him across the face..Then prayed open his mouth with the crow bar...And I packed a whole chicken cutlet into his mouth...And duct taped his mouth shut..And told him that it's not coming off...Until you swallow that chicken. Then I shoveled a whole serving of his mashed potatoes in...And did the same thing...Next was the green beans and then the spinach, corn and cranberry jelly. Then I released him. That was the last time he ever messed with me. That's when he apologized..And wanted to go to counseling and to get his GED. And go back home to his parents.”

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    I'm assuming you are telling the truth. If you feel you are hurting your body by doing something, you should take a break. If the person in charge says you can't, do a couple of things. Ask if there is something less strenuous you can do for a half-hour or so. You aren't giving up and just sitting. If they won't do that or work with you and especially if they belittle you and minimize your pain, you need to document that. You also need to go speak with the person they report to. If you are hurt on the job, they have to send you to a doctor (urgent care often) and they have to pay for it. They will do a drug screen on you, so don't be surprised by that. If they let you rest and you are still hurting, maybe you should have them send you to urgent care at their expense. Then you would need a different job. Cigarettes are not good for anything but causing cancer. Potassium may help cramping muscles, but it may not. They are not health professionals. Do what is best for your body. You have to live in it forever.

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