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I purchased a car from a small town dealership, he said he would mail the title?

Okay so this is a long story but here's the play by play..

I found a car on Facebook market place, very good condition and priced just below KBB market value.. I messaged the man and we met up and I test drove it with the dealer tag and it ran beautifully. It checked all my boxes so I said I would take it. He said he works for a dealership the next town over (I am familiar with), the Carfax checked out that the cars vin was registered to the dealership etc. I started filling out the paper work (as is, affidavit, bill of sale, taxes, etc) He then said he did not have the title with him and that he would have to file the paperwork and that the title and everything I would need to register it would be mailed to me before the 1st. I was a little skeptical and I pretty much told him no title no deal. He said this was the way it works, and that I had nothing to worry about because I had all the paper work and the affidavit & notification of sale of motor vehicle form

I actually rode by the dealership this morning and it was legit, but the way it was processed just has me worried.. if for some reason this was a scam and he never files the paperwork.. what do I do about getting the title? Can I take him to court? I really regret doing things this way.. this is my first car purchase on my own and a family member that I asked advice from said I had nothing to worry about.

I did drive the vehicle home with a 45 day tag and was able to insure it but I'm just anxious..


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    Dealers in most areas must be bonded and bonds are very cheap because claims are very rare.

    Chances are you are worrying about nothing.

    However in many areas, the dealer never hands the title to the customer anyway. They process the title via the state and the state sends a new one in a few weeks.

    Its also very rare the dealers name would show on a carfax. The entire story seems fabricated.

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  • 7 months ago

    Turns out the guy was legit, they didn't hand me the title because it was issused in another state. I took the affidavit and title to the DMV and the DMV issued me a new title :)  Also took it to a mechanic and besides it needing tires, guess my gamble got me a deal! I will never do this again tho and don't recommend :))))

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  • 7 months ago

    Dealers are usually prohibited from selling cars away from the actual lot. The dealer has upto 30 days to provide title also.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    This is the least of your worries. Unless you know how to do it yourself, buying a used car without having a thorough all-points pre-buy inspection done by an independent shop was a huge gamble. Good luck with that. It may break down before your title arrives.

    • Morgan8 months agoReport

      thanks for your totally unhelpful and unrelative input buddy, hope you feel better about yourself

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