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How to tell my girlfriend I want to break up because I still love my ex?

I thought I was over my ex girlfriend and we would never get back together. I started dating this other girl who is great and a good hearted person. My ex girlfriend had no idea about my personal life and asked me to give it another shot. We didn't break up on bad terms and I was hurt after the break up but not mad or hated her. My heart says my ex girlfriend all the way, I told my new girlfriend about it and of course it hurts her and told her I needed time to think. She said I shouldn't need time and I should be with her because she can make me happier than anyone else can. Her words not mine. But I dont know how to tell her I want to be with my ex instead. She has showed up to my house and place of work before without me asking her to and think she would do it even after I end things. 

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  • Linda
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    3 weeks ago

    Tell her it is over without bringing up your ex. Just say you like her and all but you are looking for something else. She doesn't need to know you are getting back with your ex, but she will find out. Or just tell her that you are. As far as her showing up all of the time, you can put a stop to that. She sounds controlling and it may be time to stop seeing her period.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Just like she said. You shouldn’t need time to think it over. Obviously you want to be with your ex, so just break up with your girlfriend

  • `
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    4 weeks ago

    The next time she shows up at your house, calmly explain that you've decided to go back to your ex.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Ask her if she wants to play 20 Questions? Hey, you asked.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You have an honest conversation [this requires listening].

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