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Plumber messed up, caused a leak, and now wouldn't pay for it?

Ok, so we had a water heater that went bad. The plumber came out, replaced it, and whatever he did caused a leak that flooded the guest bedroom. He denies fault, but come on, I had no problems before he showed up. He also knocked some pipe as he was hauling the water heater out, which he also denies doing and that it caused the leak. He's licensed btw. He came back to fix the pipe for free, but now I am looking at the loss of replacing the carpet in that room. What can I do to get him to cover it? I tried talking to him, but he's so rude, dropped an f bomb and hung up! Very "professional" person. I don't feel I should pay for the damage he's done!


Ok, here's the deal. It was a water heater and he replaced it. When he did, something caused the leak. Guessing he was negligent when draining. His case is that it was my heater that leaked. Ok, but if so, why didn't it leak and cause damage before he touched it?! I will be looking at about $500 to do work in this area now. 

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    sadly that's how a lot of plumbers and contractors are today..

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    small claim,\\

    get a competent guy to do and document the repair before and after,pay him,get info on serving summonses from the local website of G ment

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    time to take him to small claims court.

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    Water on a carpet is no different than shampooing a carpet.  So it needs time to dry.  You could use a wet/dry vacuum to suck up the water or use rags to soak up the water and hang it on a clothes line outside to dry out.  And leave the window open a 1/4 inch all night and day long until the carpet dries out.  Carpets can handle water, coffee, beer, grape juice, soup, dog pee (so you wash them clean)

    I did not know you are knowledgeable in the strength of pipes.?

    Your carpet is not damaged.  Just because it got wet.  A plumber would know if it leaked and would not have left until the plumbing is done up tight.

    So, yeah, you are making stuff up.  Water heater installations are SIMPLE.  Dealing with 2 pipes.

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    While it may seem to make sense that he broke something, it more often then not. Isn't what happened.  When opening a system like plumbing, it tends to change conditions, buildup, corrosion and such. Those weak or damaged pints when then put back under pressure, will often give.  Your situation may actually be a direct result of something he did, but the vast majority of cases like this are not.  That is where his mindset, his experience will tell him.

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    Get another plumber to come in, write a statement to verify that the first plumber caused the leak and then take the case to small claims court. Either that or threaten to do so and make the bum pay without going to court. If he goes to court, he will lose a day's work.

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    Well good luck with that. Don't expect too much

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    you case sounds viable a new heater should not cause leaks but the movement in pipes can it should have been tested , I think you have a case but you need the dates of the change and leak to coincide and pictures of the damage , his job is to leave with the system in normal working mode for his payment someone else will suffer too its the law

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    you sue. small claims court in most states. no lawyer needed. you will have to get estimates of the cost to replace the ruin, or remove the water and thoroughly dry the resulting carpet and pad.

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      The judge will rely on their experience to weigh the evidence of your word against his.

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    You probably stand little chance here.  You mention "something he did caused a leak".....well unless you know and can prove exactly what he did to cause that leak, plus that he was negligent in ignoring it you probably don't have a leg to stand on.  I've seen many cases where you fix one problem in a home and it causes other problems to arise. It's fairly normal when you have an appliance not working right.  You swap it out with a new one that does work right and it causes something else in the system to go bad.  I'm all for fighting the fight when you've been wronged but I doubt you really have much to win with here. 

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      They won't. I have a 1K deductible.

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