Can I be considered for Exception to Policy? Can I file a complaint if they say "There is nothing we can do"?

I am going to nursing school and it is a struggle. I am not one of the best students out there so I go seek help with a tutor. Every week I go and see the tutor because we go over many topics that is required for that week. Every time I visit her, I do fairly well with my quizzes and exams. The week I really needed to see her due to a really big important test, I did not get the chance to see her. I contacted her, but received no reply. When I took the test, I did not do very well, I received an F. I found out a week later that she resigned. Now, I have no chance at passing the course no matter what I do. I know that many students go to school without any help, but i am not one of those students and I know I struggle. I DON'T IGNORE MY PROBLEM, I SOUGHT HELP to make sure I do not fall behind. If I had known about my tutor departure, I would of went to see someone else right away. The faculty failed to inform me about her departure and I thought it was unfair. I have a right as a consumer the opportunity for success. Can this be filed as a complain? If I fail this course, I will be dismissed as a student with no right to appeal.

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  • 8 months ago

    "I have a right as a consumer the opportunity for success" - really? Where is that right granted?

    But beyond that, no one denied your opportunity to be successful. You failed to make proper arrangements to seek help and now you want to blame others.

    Nursing school is tough. It is tough for a reason. You will have peoples lives in your hands. I think you need to actually figure out if nursing is something you can do. Maybe this one course is very difficult and that can be OK. But if this is the same in all your classes, it might be time to reevaluate.

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  • 8 months ago

    No, and no. I'm sorry for you situation, but it isn't the nursing school's responsibility to provide you with a tutor, inform you of the tutor's status, or insure that you pass the course.  It was unprofessional for the tutor to disappear.  She should have informed you of her decision to stop tutoring and responded to your email/call/text.  

    Your option is to find another tutor or figure out how to study on your own.  Don't waste time on YA or harboring resentment or trying to file some complaint.  

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