How do I ask for more hours at work? ?

I work in a hospital laboratory as an assistant, just a part time job while I’m still in college. Recently they have fired two people and we are extremely understaffed. I took over our courier duties (picking up lab specimens from doctors offices in the county) which takes up almost 3 of my 4 hours per day, yet I’m still expected to do all my other duties, which takes several hours as well. The previous lab assistant (still works there, just moved to a higher position) said she didn’t have to do even half of what they’ve added for me to do, and she got paid way more. I was actually shocked when she told me how much money she made. Right now I feel used and underpaid (aren’t we all). I’m not asking for a pay raise right now, but I need more hours to get my work done. How do I ask for more hours from a manager that doesn’t like giving more hours? This is a healthcare job and I’m terrified of messing something up from rushing

 to get things done in such little time.  

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  • You should never discuss pay rates at work, that can create animosity between co workers and it's none of your business. She's also in a higher position then you, so she's going to be making more money then you. If you want more hours, go to your boss. Have a chat with them, let them know what's going on and ask if you can have more hours.

    • doesnt8 months agoReport

      She told me what she made, I didn’t ask. And she was making that much more when she had the same position, not with the higher position she has now. Did you even read the description??

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  • 8 months ago

    when your hours are over for the day u pack your bag and leave. u do not need to stay there longer. otherwise u should make an appointment with your manager and tell him what u wrote here apart from that other assistant - that is none of your business how much she is paid

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  • Judy
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    8 months ago

    You can ask. Explain how the additional duties prevent you from getting your work done within you current hours. Good luck, but don't expect much.

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