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How can i teach her to stop?

My dog has a habit of walking between my legs when i walk and i have accidentally stepped on her a few times but tonight she jumped a bit and knocked both of us over. She yelped when she fell and I’m worried her habit will get her hurt since she’s kinda old(10 years). How can i teach her to not walk between my legs?

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    Tell her not to walk between you legs. When she does it, you stop, tell her firmly not to do it, look at her eyes to see what she says, and then walk on, gripe a little bit about it so that she will remember. She does it because she likes walking with you, so it is going to be a little hard to break.

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    Get her training. It will help with more than just that.

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    Start her off at your side, slightly in front. Tell her to "heal" with you. Don't allow her to walk behind you. If you catch her dragging, pull her beside you and insist that she walks by your side. Don't allow her back there. If you have allowed it to go for some time, then it will be harder to break her of the habit but, you can help her relearn. Just remember - you are the parent. She is the child.

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