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Hamster owners, what are your opinions on glass hamster cages?

I’m kind of interested in starting a pet company, but my goal would be to sell appropriate cages and appropriate accessories.

Currently looking at starting with hamsters, as well as dogs.

My take on cages, is that I like the idea of transformed aquariums.


They not only keep paws out (cats) and prevent legs from becoming trapped, they also can’t be chewed through.

The smallest size would be the bare minimum a hamster would need plus hamster care instructions, appropriate wheel systems, appropriate hides, and chews. Likely wire tops, I’ll see if I can get creative with the tops.

Kind of like a starter kit for now.

I am thinking since the item would solely be for rodents that I could use a thinner glass, as it wouldn’t be for water.

I was hoping to get input.

What’s your opinion on this?


I cant believe this needs to be said.


Can I get real input from real, good hamster owners please?

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  • 5 months ago

    Well I think if you are going to sell tanks, make sure its over 40 gallons, over 70 would be even better, and that it comes with items to attach a water bottle on, or a wheel if the buyer gets a wheel that goes on the side. If you're making all the stuff yourself, make sure you have a wheel that's big enough for a large Syrian since Syrians are most common, a non leaking water bottle and at least one toy if its a 'Starter kit' Good luck by the way!

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  • 8 months ago

    I don't see anything wrong with glass cages. As long as they're big enough they should be fine. I use bin cages for my mice. They're big, cheap, and easy to clean.

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  • Nathan
    Lv 4
    8 months ago

    Ideally you want to use aquarium glass - rodents like hamsters require LOTS of bedding. Most people give their hamsters between 20cm and 40cm of it, so it has got to be strong and tall.

    Personally, I prefer 300L aquariums for my hamsters. They are usually 60cm tall, 60cm wide and 120cm long. It allows for 40cm of bedding whilst still being able to fit an 11" Syrian hamster wheel in it. Having a tank topper made from mesh is a life saver, especially for those with gerbils - you can fill the base with substrate and attatch the wheels and water bottles to the mesh so they don't get burried.

    The only rodents that can happily live in a tank are gerbils, hamsters and mice because others have larger requirements and also need to be able to climb. The absolute smallest tank any of them can live in would be 40 gallons, but bigger is better so many prefer 60-80 gallon tanks. Mice do enjoy climbing toys, but again, that's where a tank topper would come in useful.

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  • 8 months ago

    I prefer tanks. Larger tanks allow a proper amount of space, they look nice, easy to clean, hamsters cant chew bars, they cant climb (yeah they like to but they shouldn't be allowed to. They are not good climbers and a fall can be dangerous), you can add as much bedding as you want, they are escape proof if you use clips for the lid etc. Overall great cages for hamsters (and other small rodents).

    A tank with thinner glass seems like a good idea since it would be lighter but obviously it would need to be sturdy enough.

    I like the idea of a wire top. It would be sturdier than the mesh tops tanks come with which is nice for cat and dog owners.

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  • Amber
    Lv 5
    8 months ago

    I don't really like them. Or cages made of all plastic because hamsters like to climb and I also like that with an open cage there is plenty of fresh air going in.

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    • Chloe5 months agoReport

      If your hamster is climbing, you know that could be a sign of boredom, right? It means they don't have a lot to do, commonly found in Syrians since its just their nature to be bored. So no, it is not a 'normal' thing. 

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  • 8 months ago

    They are heavy,,they only need a light lexan like a plastic, say like 150 gallon. First, hamsters need room. Tank and bin cages are the most common, but talking 2 foot by 3 foot minimum floor space, more for the larger Syrian. Tall enough for their wheel.

    A secure grid top for ventilation and prevent escape.

    'Cat proof' if you have cats and don't trust dogs either.

    No fool would keep a tank animal in sunlight, that means death.

    A lot of DIY cages online, Ikea furniture is popular.

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