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Is Trump a psychopath or sociopath? ?

What we know: He's unable to feel empathy. he REGULARLY sacrifices loyal "friends" who thought they were special to him. he looked to the sky and called himself the second coming after hearing a fake rumor that some Israelis call him that. He has done lots of other truly insane things. Right now, at this very moment, rest assure that he is doing something truly insane. So which is he? Socio or psycopath? If u love Trump thats cool. Dont spam this thread. I want to talk to neutrals

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    I think his lack of empathy currently is from dementia. He is and always was NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) which is similar in behavior to APB (anti-social personality disorder), both incurable, but not the same thing. Cluster B dark triad traits. Anyway, now he's clearly non compos mentis. He has Alzheimer's or some other age and stress-related dementia.

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    Neither, he is just a good Actor. And most good actors dropped out of H.S at 10th grade. He wants the Nobel prize like an actor wants an Oscar. I do realize that like an actor, he makes very poor humanitarian decisions. But like a good actor, he must pay the piper. I feel sorry for him and humanity as a whole.

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    Both after what he’s unleashed on the Kurdish .

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    No he’s just under a lot of pressure and doing



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    Let me ask you a question. Does it really matter what labels are pasted on him? The fact is that he is a poor excuse for a president and has some serious psychological problems.

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    no i do not think Trump is either of those titles, he is one of the best presidents the u.s has ever had.

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