What's the name of the movie? An old film set in 1945, about a man who decides to sink a nazi submarine/ship. It's not The African Queen.?

Years ago I've seen a movie. All I remember is:

1) It's a color movie, but an old one (60s/70s maybe)

2) It's set in 1945

3) It's a bout a man who decides to sink a nazi ship or a submarine as an act of revenge

4) It's not The African Queen

5) The lead was played by James Coburn or a similar looking actor

6) He sinks the ship/submarine with an old cargo ship while aboard

7) He sinks the submarine as the nazis are celebrating the end of the war, so they are terrified they won't get back home

I don't really remember if he survives or dies, but I remember he was somehow trapped on the cargo ship prior to the collision.

Thanks for any tip

P.S. Don't rely on that info of James Coburn, it's possible my memory mix-matched the movie with faces from old westerns, I just got a strong hunch...

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    Murphy's War with Peter O'Toole released in 1971. The lone survivor of a British naval ship is obsessed with getting revenge on a German U-boat crew that massacred his shipmates in the water. 

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    9 months ago

    You might be thinking of 'Shout at the Devil', which starred Lee Marvin and Roger Moore, in which they set out to sink a German battlecruiser during WWI. Marvin has a superficial resemblance to Coburn.


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  • 9 months ago

    Casablanca ???...

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