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Algebra 2 Would someone do this so I have a example plz?

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    8 months ago

    The question has been chopped off after “How many”. So we don’t know what the question is! I’ll take a chance and make up a question.

    You spend the same amount (A) at each fair and go on the same number of rides (R) at each fair. How much did you spend at each fair and how many rides did you have at each fair?

    Total Summit cost: A = 5 + 2R (equation 1)

    Total Portage cost: A = 10 + R (equation 2)

    To solve, we need to equate the right sides of the equations and solve for R. Then use either equation to find A.


    5 + 2R = 10 + R

    R = 5

    A = 5 + 2*5 = $15

    If that’s not what you mean you will need to post the full question.

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